PSMAS carries on winning tradition

After a dazzling show, complete with eye catching uniforms, a well-trained presentation team, and a willingness to listen and share with all comers to the stand, the announcement of the “Best Zimbabwean Exhibitor in the Medical Aid and Health Related Category”, at the 2016 Zimbabwe International Trade Fair did not surprise many who had been to the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) stand.

The passionate presentation, showcased all that is good about the medical aid society and provided a no-holds barred platform for members to speak about their joys, frustration and expectation with the service provided by PSMAS.
Along the way, a panel of expert judges visited the stand and determined that the Society deserved to be rated top of all the participants in their section.

“It is good to be awarded for participating at an event as special as ZITF. While our primary cause for participation is to be with our members and to share their experience, offer solutions and take lessons from their feedback, we are filled with joy when an award such as this one comes our way.

“We would not be winning these awards if our members did not come and tell us what they thought about us. When they come and give us advice and raise issues with us, we take this on board and we build on this valuable information to make PSMAS better,” said PSMAS Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations.