Waiting Periods

In an effort to safeguard the interests of the loyal contributing members, PSMAS has introduced waiting periods. When a new member joins, he will be able to enjoy all the basic services, save for the ones listed below. This will help stop one who has not wanted to join before, and only wants to join now because of need, thus abusing the funds of those long contributing members. If the loyal members are not safeguarded in this manner, they would then have to pay higher subscriptions for others who will only join a day before they know they need surgery, get the surgery, and leave the society.

 There are always exceptions to the rule of course, where full immediate cover is granted – and these are
-          A new employee joining the society because his employer is already a member
-          A new born baby(provided the baby is registered within the first three months of birth)
-          A spouse(provided the spouse is registered within 3 months of date of marriage)
-          Special situations – you may contact the society for such exemptions

The following waiting periods apply for the stated conditions

Hospitalisation    6 months
Spectacles 6 months
Chemotherapy 24 months
Haemodialysis 24 months
Prosthesis 24 months
CTMRI Ultra Sound Scans  12 months
Specialist Letter of Guarantee 12 months
Antenatal 9 months
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