Avoid Burnout, Take Care of Yourself!

Mental exhaustion, also known as burnout, results from excess, long-term stress.  Symptoms of burnout are subtle at first and become progressively worse with time.  Mental exhaustion symptoms not only manifest in the mind, but also as physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms.  Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and recover from mental exhaustion. Physical Symptoms […]

Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

Rainy season is the perfect breeding ground for micro-organisms as well as vectors and weakens the immune system that makes people vulnerable to disease. In the rainy season, rain water mixes with sewage, soil and overflowing of ground water can contaminate drinking water sources. Some diseases related to the rainy season are:- gastroenteritis, typhoid, diarrhoea, […]

Protect Yourself from Cholera

WHAT IS CHOLERA DISEASE – Cholera disease causes a lot of water diarrhea and vomiting. – Cholera diarrhea can look like cloudy rice water. – Cholera can cause death from dehydration (the loss of water and salts from the body) within hours if not treated.   HOW IS CHOLERA SPREAD Cholera germs are found in […]

PSMAS scales up NCD awareness

HARARE: – Rejuvenated Medical funder Premier Service Medical Aid Society has stepped up its awareness campaign against Non Communicable Diseases (NCD), by rolling out a national campaign to promote lifestyle changes. The Premier Lifestyle programme, now in full steam, has reached places as far apart as Chipinge, Beitbridge and Mount Darwin and continues to cover […]


HARARE – Award winning Premier Service Medical Aid Society says a better environment builds better people, and it is committed to helping shape a healthier environment for its members. The Society said a clean, eco-friendly environment can boost a person’s wellbeing and is a key part of the Wellness programme that they are rolling out. […]


Premier Service Medical Aid Society today launches its first ever low cost/high benefit product tailor made for the informal sector. Backed by years of research and with detailed input from members of the informal sector, the SHIELD PLAN offers unmatched services at an entry price of $10 per member per month. With an annual global […]

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