• How do I become a PSMAS member?

    For Civil Servants: Simply walk into the nearest PSMAS branch and submit your application. Other Contracted Employer Organisations: If your employer is already a member of the society, you simply fill in a membership application form  and submit it to PSMAS via your employer, or drop it off at any of our offices countrywide. If you are a new employee, you would be granted immediate cover if you join the society within 3 months of employment, after that you would have to undergo a three month waiting period before benefits are active. For Individuals: If your employer is not a member, or are self employed, you may still join the the society through the Individual Scheme. You would pay your subscriptions via bank debit order, or cash at any of our 10 branches countrywide. You would undergo a three month waiting period before your benefits are active.

  • What if I leave my current employer, can I continue with my membership?

    Yes, you may visit any of our offices and arrange for payment of subscriptions via direct debit from your bank, or cash deposits at these branches. You would still maintain the same membership number.

  • Is my new born baby covered?

    Yes, babies are covered from the day they are born, as long as they are registered within 3 months of birth. Parents are encouraged to register their babies as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences  when emergencies arise. Once your baby turns three months before registration, they would have to undergo a three month waiting period should you decide to register them later.

  • My child has just turned 18, but is still in school, what happens now?

    In terms of the Legal Age of Majority Act of 1982 a child who attains the age of eighteen(18) ceases to be a minor. In line with this act, subscriptions for this category of dependants will be charged at adult rate forthwith, unless prior notification is received that he/she is still a student.

  • I have just gotten married, does my spouse also need to wait three months?

    No. If you register your spouse within three months of getting married, they will get immediate cover. After that period , they will have to wait three months while contributing subscriptions for them to start benefiting.

  • I am retiring, does my membership automatically continue?

    No. When you retire from employment, particularly government pensioners, it is not automatic that your membership continues  as the society would no longer be receiving subscriptions which were being deducted from your salary. You need to come in to the society offices and fill in a change of employer form to indicate that you now fall under government pensions, and your subscriptions are now coming from your pension.

  • What are waiting periods?

    These are restrictions imposed on certain benefits to curb abuse, thus protect funds of the loyal long contributing members. For example, one may not want to join medical aid, and only think of it when expecting a baby, and want to enjoy maternity benefits. To curb such practices, 9 months are imposed to ensure that no-one joins the society while already pregnant. Other waiting periods are imposed on expensive treatments like chemotherapy, haemodialysis, spectacles, and a few others covered under waiting periods

  • I need spectacles, what is the procedure for getting them?

    Spectacles can be replaced once every three years for members who are no longer on waiting period for spectacles. You may walk into any Optician who accepts a PSMAS card for refraction services first, and then they will recommend the spectacles that you need. After that they will get authorisation from PSMAS  for prescribing these to you. If you choose spectacles within your benefit limits, then there is no shortfall.

  • When do I become eligible for spectacles?

    If you are a new member, you become eligible 3 years after becoming a member. If you are already a member, you may enjoy this benefit once every two years.

  • Is there a limit to the number of beneficiaries I can have?

    No, there is no limit to the number of beneficiaries you may have.

  • What is dual membership?

    Dual membership is when one is already a member or beneficiary, and registers again as a member/beneficiary, and thus has two active membership numbers. This normally happens with members who get 100% cover from their employer, and then their spouse also has that benefit at their workplace. Dual membership is not allowed, and such families are urged to choose one membership under which to fall. The 2nd scenario is when one is a member at another medical aid society. For this one may only claim for medical services from one medical aid society, but not both. The claim from the 2nd medical aid society may be only for shortfalls incurred from the first society.

  • Where can I access medical services?

    PSMAS strives to always get wide card acceptability through maintaining good relations with Health Service Providers. There are a lot of Health Service Providers that accept the PSMAS medical aid card, which includes all PSMI facilities, and these display an Information poster in their rooms that they accept the PSMAS card. You may also walk into any of our branches for the most up to date list of places where to access medical services.

  • Am I free to choose my own doctor?

    While PSMI facilities were established for your benefit , and give you a wider coverage and ensure service availability and accessibility, members are free to go to any service provider of their own choice. Where a health service provider will not accept the PSMAS card and you choose to pay cash, the Society will process your claim and pay you back according to Afhoz tariffs and benefit limit.

  • Does my medical aid cover foreign treatment?

    The society operates a facility where it guarantees payments for medical related costs incurred outside Zimbabwe in respect of operations or treatments which are not available in Zimbabwe where a specialist in Zimbabwe specifically refers the patient to specialist outside Zimbabwe.

  • What of Foreign cover for Students and Travel?

    Cover for emergency, unforeseen medical expenses whilst outside Zimbabwe on holiday, business, or study can be arranged. Application on the prescribed form accompanied by a medical certificate obtained at the member’s expense from the family doctor of the person(s) travelling stating their current state of health and any existing illnesses must be received by the Society, at least two working days before departure. A fee is payable for each person for whom cover is sought.

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