HARARE – Award winning Premier Service Medical Aid Society says a better environment builds better people, and it is committed to helping shape a healthier environment for its members.

The Society said a clean, eco-friendly environment can boost a person’s wellbeing and is a key part of the Wellness programme that they are rolling out.

“Wellness is a function of many factors, and the environment is a major part of that. As a Society, we are taking the first step towards a greater environmental management programme by putting in new systems that will drastically reduce our use of paper and promote the conservation of energy,” said PSMAS Communications and Brand Manager Arthur Choga.

Speaking after winning the Windmill/ Borrowdale Brooke Rosebowl for the Best garden display at the Harare Agricultural Show, Choga said the garden as always been a major player in health. He pointed to the health benefits of fresh vegetables or herbs, the soothing effect of a flower garden or arrangement and the enhanced outlook of a home whose occupants pay attention to their surroundings.

“Taking care of our immediate surroundings can cut down or exposure to risk of diseases that are carried by parasites that thrive in certain environments. As part of our Premier Lifestyle wellness initiative, we will be focusing on various pillars of wellness, which include: Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional/Mental/ Financial/ Occupational and Environmental,” said Choga.

PSMAS recently launched a free wellness programme for its members as it seeks to be a major player in keeping the nation healthy.

The Premier Lifestyle programme is a first of its kind offering free lifestyle change management to members on an unprecedented scale. With the tagline, “A prescription with no side effects,” The programme is a step towards offering its members services at all times. This is a major shift from only being there for members when they fall sick, but is a way of showing concern by being there even when they are healthy.

The Society believes this programme, along with a national commitment to wellness can save the nation billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Premier Lifestyle recognises that the global statistics indicate that 70% of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are due to modifiable lifestyle risk factors such as:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor diet (mainly processed foods which are high in salt, sugar and fats)
  • Risky behaviours such as smoking and high alcohol intake
  • Stress

“By taking time to start and care for, even a small garden, you can start to address some of the above issues. We all have a role to play in caring for ourselves, and our environment to ensure a better future,” said Choga.

PSMAS is currently in a major turnaround phase that has seen the Society become more member focussed. Besides the Premier Lifestyle programme PSMAS also recently launched the Shield Plan, a low cost, high benefit plan for the SME sector.