August 1, 2023

Premier Lifestyle join hands with Government in breast cancer screening

PSMAS Breast Cancer Campaign

In an effort to raise awareness on the importance of early detection in breast cancer management, Premier Lifestyle partnered with the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting to screen media practitioners for breast cancer as well as offering health education on the same.

The screenings coincided with the breast cancer month commemorations, held every October worldwide.

This year’s commemorations ran under the theme “Together We Rise”.

Speaking at the event, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said as information disseminators, media must practice what they preach by embracing early screening so that they communicate information from an informed point of view.

“This disease, which is claiming lives at a very alarming and astonishing rate requires us to continue raising awareness on risk factors, importance of early detection and management in order to save lives. Before we do that, as media practitioners we need to firstly practice what we preach.

“Every one of us must try and avoid risk factors which makes one prone to the disease. Issues like constantly enduring high stress, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and a family history of breast cancer, a diet high in animal fats and low in fibre among many other factors pose a risk for breast cancer,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

She commended PSMAS for offering the service to media practitioners free of charge.

“The invaluable service and information sharing that they are giving out make a difference between early detection of breast cancer and remaining ignorant of the disease. Raising awareness is the mandate as we colour the day in pink”.

Deputy Minister Kindness Paradza, Secretary Nick Mangwana and Commissioner of the Zimbabwe Media Commission Ms Susan Makore were part of senior officials who also went through the screenings.

In Zimbabwe, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women. Some common risk factors on our PSMAS membership emanating from Health Risk Assessment done include age, family history of breast cancer, obesity, smoking and drinking.

PSMAS Managed Care Director Dr Munyaradzi Mujuru emphasized the importance of having annual breast cancer screenings for both men and women. “Screening and early detection saves lives and as such women aged 45 to 54 should get a mammogram every year. Women aged 55 and older should switch to mammograms every 2 years or continue yearly screening. Screening should continue and become part of our culture.”, he said,

He further highlighted that chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer are a major claims cost drivers for the Society. The Society proactively manages these drivers in view of containing costs through active disease risk management and as PSMAS we have come up with a wellness programme to encourage health living and help alleviate these risk factors.