February 8, 2024

PSMAS product offerings

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PSMAS product offerings

PSMAS products are tailor made to cater to a diverse range of clients. Products are designed to suit each individual’s circumstances and health needs. Our product range has select offerings for public sector employees, private sector employees, corporates, individuals and the diaspora.


Public sector

Public sector products provide government employees and their immediate family members with medical aid cover. Government employees enjoy highly subsidized rates courtesy of their employer. Subscriptions are conveniently deducted automatically from their pay source on a monthly basis. Members enjoy full access to providers who are part of the PSMAS Premier express network. This category has three main plans namely Standard, Optimum and Executive. Members on Standard Plan with chronic illnesses are encouraged to migrate to Optimum Plan for robust benefits and additional cover.



Private sector

Private sector plans cater to corporates and individual members. There are a number of products under this category. Subscriptions are pegged in both the local currency (ZWL) and United States Dollars. Organizations can help protect their staff from potentially crippling medical costs by providing affordable healthcare across the employee spectrum.



 Informal sector

These products are earmarked for those with a steady income but are not formally employed, such as small to medium enterprises, farming communities and artisanal miners.



Diaspora product offerings are specially crafted for people in the diaspora who want to join medical aid for themselves and their relatives back home in Zimbabwe.


Why is PSMAS a medical aid of choice?


  • PSMAS has the lowest subscription rate compared to other medical aid societies in the country.


  • There are no age limits. One can add beneficiaries that are over 60 years of age unlike with other medical aid societies where membership is restricted to those below 60 years of age.


  • One is able to place their beneficiaries on a different scheme from the one they are subscribed to as a way of managing subscription cost.


  • PSMAS has a vibrant wellness programme through its Premier Lifestyle programme. The programme focuses on health prevention and disease management. These activities are exclusive to PSMAS members at no extra cost.


  • World over medical aid societies work with selected service providers. Similarly, PSMAS has over 1 000 providers on its network who accept PSMAS card at little or no shortfall.


To join PSMAS, simply complete application forms obtainable from any of the Society’s branches dotted across the country. Prospective members can also email marketing@psmas.co.zw or WhatsApp: 0783183530. The PSMAS 24/7 Mobile Application is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store can be used to explore and compare available plans.